Medical/Recreational Cannabis

What happens when you apply branding, marketing, and retail best-practices to the fastest growing consumer market in North America? The results may not be what you would expect! They certainly surprised us.

For more than three years we’ve worked with leading growers, processors, retailers and ancillary service providers to navigate the complexity of this newly legal industry. We’ve also guided the Cannabis Market’s largest investors in the search for companies poised for growth.

Whether you’re looking to open new stores, recruit professional leaders, improve employee engagement, increase customer loyalty, upgrade your technology systems, or you have the recipe dialed in and are ready to expand, we’d love to share our experiences to help guide yours.

Recent engagements in legal Medical/Recreational Cannabis include:

  • Brand strategy and development
  • Retail strategy and development
  • Retail innovation & operations
  • Market, consumer & competitive research
  • Real estate site selection, design and construction
  • Product assortment, menu creation and supply chain optimization
  • Marketing & merchandising
  • Retail technology (POS, customer loyalty, inventory, online ordering, scheduling, communications, etc.)
  • Recruiting, employee engagement & training
  • Digital optimization (online ordering, SEO, in-store kiosks, mobile, etc.)

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