Business Development & Strategy

Since 2015 we’ve worked on the front lines of cannabis legalization and market development, supporting leading growers, product manufacturers, brands, and ancillary service providers across North America and Europe as they navigate the complexity of the newly legal and rapidly growing cannabis industry. We’ve had the opportunity to build startups on a shoestring budget, grow small businesses with millions in venture capital backing, and lead international expansion and innovation for world class multinationals. Whether you’re developing your go-to-market strategy, optimizing existing operations, or planning for expansion, let our hands-on experience and proven methods drive your success.

Realizing the true potential of a business or market opportunity requires applying the strategies and best practices appropriate for each stage of growth.

Areas of Expertise

  • Cannabis cultivation, product manufacturing, wholesale, retail, & ancillary services
  • Market, consumer & competitive research
  • Business planning
  • Brand strategy & development
  • Retail strategy & development
  • Organizational design & development
  • Product research & development
  • Licensing & franchising
  • Mergers, acquisitions, & investment

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